The story

Mai Tai AΘens

On the winter of his 35th birthday, Mr. Mai opened this bar, no18 at Ploutarchou Street in Athens. Over the next decade he and Mr. Tai made many friends and shared great stories over drinks, laughs and music. If there was one place in Athens where days and nights were fun & comfy, that was here.

Mai Tai is back because we like bringing friends together, we like serving some fine moments. Cause people, not places, make memories. So, each day create some new ones, we say. Regret nothing.

Sessions begin at 09:00am. We go to bed at 01.00am. Somewhat later on Fridays & Saturdays.

Morning & Afternoon

Smart bites for your coffee & lunch break.


Comfort food and your twisted old-fashioned in a glass.


Listen to the music. Wear comfy shoes or dress to kill.